Lithium treatment during Covid-19 outbreak


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For patients in hospital maintain standard monitoring.


For patients in the community:

  • Try and maintain monitoring if possible
  • Consider a telephone consult first to run through a side effect check list or screen for issues suggestive of toxicity including asking about recent use of potential interacting medicines
  • If issues emerge then do a level and U&Es
  • If the checklist/screen does not cause any concern and the recent test history is fine then postpone for 3 months but advise the patient to contact services urgently if they develop any concerning side effects
  • Remind patient to hydrate properly especially if they develop Covid symptoms and to contact mental health services for advice
  • Remind patient of the interaction with NSAIDs and especially to avoid ibuprofen given the unknown issues with it and Covid-19

Last reviewed: 25 March 2020

Next review: 25 March 2022

Author(s): Mental Health Pharmacy Service

Version: 1

Approved By: Mental Health Pharmacy Service

Reviewer Name(s): Lead Clinical Pharmacist, Clinical Effectiveness Pharmacist