Contacting Acute Medicine in Covid-19 cases


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[Email from Deputy Associate Medical Director for Mental Health 30.04.20]

I enclose updated guidance for referring Covid positive inpatients in Mental Health to Acute Medicine. This has been agreed with colleagues in Acute.

The guidance is basic for simplicity and focuses on thresholds for referring/seeking advice, documentation and palliative care.

Please note the recommendation to use the ACP forms on the clinical portal. These forms include a box for the patient’s clinical frailty score. In discussion with CD colleagues there have been concerns that this score is designed more for physical frailty and may be misleading for some MH patients if completed as per the definitions. Clinicians may therefore wish to avoid entering a frailty score or add a comment elsewhere on the form to provide additional context.

Anticipatory Care Plan Summary User Guide

Anticipatory Care Plan Example

Last reviewed: 27 April 2021

Next review: 30 July 2021