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EMIS Web CCMH - Shielding Warning to be applied to Patient Records from Thursday 21 May 21:00

Update from Programme Manager - EMIS Community, Children and Mental Health

A number of patients who are considered to be at the highest risk of severe morbidity and mortality due to COVID-19 have been identified as requiring Shielding.   Lists of the relevant people have been compiled using a combination of national and local datasets, GP identification, and clinical judgement.   The NHSGGC Covid-19 Shielding Group have approved the implementation of a Shielding warning\alert to EMIS Web CCMH.

The wording of the EMIS Web Shielding warning will be the same as the current alert on Trakcare - "High Risk for Shielding".

The initial Shielding warning will be added to the x3 EMIS Web Organisations in phased bulk uploads ran overnight commencing 21:00 on Thursday 21 May.  The initial Shielding warning will only be applied to patients registered to a GG&C GP practice.

There is a requirement to run a weekly batch upload for the Shielding warning to take account of any additions\removals and we aim to include the warning for any non GG&C registered patients during w\c 25 May.

As you know our current version of EMIS Web CCMH does not have a demographic interface feed to a master patient index i.e. SCI Store hence there maybe potential data quality issues matching CHIs against the national Shielding list which introduces a risk that patient records which should have the shielding warning potentially will not be updated. 

The Shielding warning will be a pop up warning in EMIS when a patients record is selected.

For information the guidance given to Acute Health Records staff for the Trakcare alert was "the alert would instruct clinical staff to make decisions re booking at the time of vetting or clinical review therefore no requirement for admin teams to do anything".

There are discussions at a national level with regard to updating the current code used by GPs to a new COVID shielding code hence we are awaiting national agreement before we consider implementing a coded entry to EMIS Web.

Hospital Clinicians - CMO update - 7 May 2020  (including renal dialysis; spleen absent/removal)

CMO update letter to hospitals 8 April 2020

Last reviewed: 22 December 2021

Next review: 22 June 2022