Clozapine oro-dispersible tablets


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Patients meeting the following criteria are considered eligible for treatment with clozapine oro-dispersible:

  1. As an alternative for patients already established on clozapine suspension.
  2. To support establishment of clozapine treatment for patients reluctant to swallow tablets.
  3. To aid compliance monitoring in patients with a known history of oral non-compliance.
  4. Patients with a diagnosed swallowing difficulty who cannot swallow tablets.
  5. A non-formulary request has been submitted to and approved by the Prescribing Management Group (PMG (MH).

Note: the standard tablets are the preparation of choice. Patients, where possible, should be switched to standard tablets at the earliest opportunity.


If use of clozapine oro-dispersible tablets is approved the following process must be completed before clozapine oro-dispersible can be prescribed:

  1. The consultant psychiatrist, treatment location and patient must be registered with ZTAS
  2. Confirmation of this registration must be received by pharmacy and the consultant psychiatrist before clozapine oro-dispersible is prescribed.
  3. If a new clozapine initiation, prescribe the appropriate titration regime and email it and the patient’s in patient prescription sheet to Leverndale Pharmacy.
  4. For existing patients a prescription/in-patient prescription sheet with clozapine oro-dispersible clearly prescribed as a new entry (not oro-dispersible added to existing clozapine) must be sent to Leverndale pharmacy.
  5. Amend the clozapine warning on EMIS to highlight the use of oro-dispersible tablets.

Cost comparison

Clozapine Preparation

Cost per unit dose (£)

25mg standard tablets


100mg standard tablets


12.5mg oro-dispersible tablets


25mg oro-dispersible tablets


50mg oro-dispersible tablets


100mg oro-dispersible tablets


200mg oro-dispersible tablets


50mg/ml suspension


Last reviewed: 20 October 2021

Next review: 01 October 2024

Author(s): PMG-MH

Version: 1

Approved By: PMG-MH

Reviewer Name(s): Lead Clinical Pharmacist, Clinical Effectiveness Pharmacist