Induction Checklist


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To download a version of the checklist which you can complete electronically or print please click here. App users may be prompted to enter the toolkit password to download.

New starts should complete this induction document noting dates for completion of induction to be reviewed by their Clinical Director or deputy at the end of their first month.

Day One Induction

Day One Induction


Set up IT access and request any devices required


Request security badge If this is required for printing purposes then contact IT helpdesk to help set up.

Set up IT access and request any devices required (staffnet)

Email address

My Account: Clinical Portal, EMIS (Consultant) (staffnet) EMIS

Added to Global Address book/Telephone Directory

Added to local outlook distribution lists (medical secretary)

Allocate medical secretary/admin support

Added to SSTS payroll system (only if not with agency)

Pack issued with

·       Teaching Dates

·       Leave Forms and applying for leave

·       Personal Information Form

·       Expenses Forms/Authorised Car User Form


Register for Learnpro (staffnet)

Contractual requirements

Apply for AMP approval-providing copy of S22 certificate as evidence

Register on SOAR for Appraisal purposes

Add to allocate for job planning purposes

Inform T McKibbens for allocation to a peer review group

Orientation to Work Area -Fire escapes/ kitchen /toilets




Agency / Locum Induction


 Mandatory training for locum staff: the following issues need to be raised with the employing CD if not covered:

  • LearnPro access to complete online training as elsewhere in the induction document
  • S22 training
  • Breakaway training
  • Risk management
  • ILS

Within One Week


Meet with Clinical Director to discuss

  • Annual Appraisal -
  • Job Planning
  • Revalidation
  • Mentoring Scheme
  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
  • Clinical Governance
  • Clinical Director and Associate Medical Director Role and Responsibilities

Meet with Clinical Team

·       Nurse Team leader

·       Admin staff

·       Chair of Division – list of Division meeting dates

All doctors taking up post should familiarise themselves with Mental health policy page on staffnet.

 They must however ensure that in their first week they read the following:

 MHS07 – Clinical Risk Screening and Management Policy

MHS MRG 26 – Lithium Good Practice Standards

MHS 34  - High Dose Antipsychotic monitoring Policy

MHS 06 – Confidentiality and Consent Best Practice Guidance

MHS 36 – Prescribing handbook page

Psychiatric Emergency Plan (Staffnet)

 For those with IP responsibility/ON CALL

MHS 40 – Guideline for use of Intramuscular medication for acutely disturbed behaviour

MHS 23 – Safe and supportive observation policy and operational guidance

For those with lone working in job plan

GGC 04 - Health & Safety Lone Working Policy

 All doctors should complete the 9 statutory training modules on Learnpro

Within First Month

Within First Month

All doctors should complete the essential role specific on-line training modules (learnpro), with the remainder of the essential training being completed within a time frame agreed with their line manager.  

Locums with the service for only a short period of time may not be able to complete all modules however; their line manager should advise which ones should be completed within their locum contract.

A copy of the mandatory training guidance is attached.

Please note that some mandatory training modules have a requirement to be completed again after 1,2 or 3 years and not just on induction.


Thereafter and Ongoing

Thereafter and Ongoing

All doctors (non trainees: as they have a different process) should as part of the contractual responsibilities take part in the annual job planning and appraisal processes. To help doctors with this process, guidance on completing the SAOR form 3 is attached below.



Equipment Required:

  • Mobile Phone
  • Laptop
  • Safety/Personal Protective Equipment (if required)

NB: Any assets issued should also be noted on their eESS record under “NHS Assets issued” as this will flag up if a termination request is made, allowing these to be returned prior to a doctor leaving NHS GG&C.


Next review: 30 June 2022