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Psychotherapy training & Balint groups - South Glasgow

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Balint Group/Case Based Discussion Group –Mondays 4.00 p.m. –5.00 p.m

South Glasgow Psychotherapy Service, Administration Building, Leverndale Hospital (Group room 1).

In CT1 you are expected to attend the Leverndale Balint group run by Dr Emma Lewington. All trainees are expected to attend, and Core trainees will need to get two CBDGAS by the time of their ARCP. 30 attendances are expected.

All CT1s (and CT2’S if still required to) are expected to attend. FY’s and GP trainees are encouraged to attend.A register of attendance will be taken.

Supervised Psychotherapy Cases (CT2-3)

Only after completion of the above and this has been agreed with the Balint groupsupervisor will trainees be eligible to take on psychotherapy cases. They will attend the Balint group until they start with a case (and are welcome to continue to attend subsequently).

There is a requirement for 2 durations and 2 modalities of psychotherapy case.

In general trainees will undertake short cases in CBT and long cases in dynamic psychotherapy.

In CT2 if you are able to get onto the CBT group you should do this and then start your CBT case. Your name will be put forward by your tutor. If you are not able to get onto the CBT group you should contact Dr Lewington to put your name down for a long case.

If you do your CBT case first you should contact Dr Lewington about a long case at least 3 months before you would be able to start a long case, so that a suitable patient can be found for you.

You should aim to have finished your CBT case in CT2 and started your long case by start of CT3.

If starting long case first in CT2, you should be in CBT group and do CBT case in CT3. This may require you to have two cases running in parallel and the practicalities of this should be discussed with your clinical supervisors before starting each new post affected.

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Supervision:-Dr Lawrence Martean/Dr Emma Lewington

Arranged on an ad hoc basis (usually three trainees per group).

Assessment of Psychotherapy Competencies

Trainees will require 2 SAPE’s and at least one Psychotherapy ACE. This will be a requirement for satisfactory completion of ARCP at end of CT3.

Editorial Information

Last reviewed: 30 July 2020

Next review: 30 January 2021

Approved By: Stephen Byers, Emma Lewington