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Research Matching Presentations August 2020

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A copy of all presentations from the research matching session held this year are available via the links below. If anyone is interested in supporting these studies please contact Erica Packard, Mental Health Research Manager (, or any of the researchers who presented at the matching session.

Researchers presentations

ECT and genetics

Dr Julie Langan Martin - Clinical Senior Lecturer

HD research


Dr Matt Sheridan - Consultant Psychiatrist

fMRI signatures of depression and response to antidepressants in first episode psychosis.

Dr Filippo Queirazza - Consultant Psychiatrist

Translational research in Early Intervention in Psychosis – Neuroimaging and Data Science

Dr Rajeev Krishnadas - Consultant Psychiatrist

Sickness behaviour: mechanistic studies at the interface between immunobiology and neuroscience.

Professor Jonathan Cavanagh - Professor of Psychiatry

Dementia research

Dr Eric Jackson - Consultant Psychiatrist

Bipolar, depression and schizophrenia research in GLASGOW and beyond

Dr Nagore Penades - Consultant Psychiatrist