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[Email from Clinical Director, dated 29.07.20]

There have been recent media reports reviewing the effectiveness of ECT after publication of an unfavourable meta analysis.

The RCPsych has now updated its patient information sheet which addresses many of the concerns which had been raised.

If you are considering ECT treatment for your patient, please ensure that the patient (and their relatives) are provided with this most recent factsheet.

The Patient Information leaflet can be downloaded from the RCPsych website or via Staffnet (accessed via ECT services).

[Email from Clinical Director, dated 27.04.2020]

There is a limited amount of capacity in Leverndale to accept patients for ECT.

If you have a patient who would require ECT, I would ask that you discuss your referral with your CD and thereafter contact ECT services at Leverndale.

In order to reduce the possibility of transmission, patients requiring ECT would need to be transferred to or admitted to the Leverndale campus for the duration of their treatment.

[Email from Clinical Director, dated 20.03.2020]

Given the current situation, the anaesthetic staff have changed their working patterns and all this has had an immediate effect upon the provision of ECT. We are looking to complete courses for patients currently receiving ECT and will contact the prescribing consultants re this.

We are currently not in a position to accept referrals for ECT for treatment resistant depression.

I would ask any consultant who has a patient attending for maintenance ECT to review alternative treatment options if available.

For patients being referred for emergency ECT, I would ask that you contact the consultant psychiatrist who delivers ECT in your locality for an opinion as to treatment and include your CD in all discussions. There is the possibility that, if necessary, this can be delivered in GRI/QEUH theatre suites but this will be under regular review.

It would be our intention to recommence the regular ECT service as soon as practicable.


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Last reviewed: 30 July 2020

Next review: 31 January 2021